Investment strategy

Main strategy


Longwing strategy is to invest in late-stage development projects and create value through its core activities:

  • Project/transaction financing
  • Contractual structure and negotiation
  • Long-term management

Longwing is willing to proactively manage its asset base through targeted acquisitions and asset rotation


Portfolio diversification


Longwing’s strategy is to achieve a balance between wind and solar power revenues in order to benefit from complementary seasonalities to secure the monthly/quarterly cash flow generation

Longwing is actively leveraging on its strong experience in wind project development/operation to rapidly integrate large-scale solar projects in its asset base


Project due diligence


Longwing’s strategy to invest in best-in-class projects requires a due diligence on various aspects:

  • Technical
  • Legal
  • Tax
  • Environmental
  • Financial

Longwing projects usually benefit from a sound contractual structure, comprising notably:

  • Long-term power purchase agreement with a creditworthy off-taker
  • Grid connection agreement
  • Supply agreement with a recognized manufacturer
  • Full-scope service agreement with guaranteed availability, typically over the power purchase agreement period
  • Construction all-risk and liability insurance