Build, own and operate on-shore wind and solar parks in key European markets


Longwing Energy was established in 2013 as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) to build, own and operate onshore wind farms and solar parks in France, Poland and Eastern Europe.


Our vision

Build an industry leading independent power producer (IPP) focused on onshore wind and solar power


Our mission

Deliver stable long-term cash flows and capital growth to our shareholders by generating competitively priced wind and solar energy with reliable technologies


Our objectives

Achieve operational excellence
Produce stable cash flows available for distributions
Maintain a strong capital structure


Our current projects

Today Longwing owns a portfolio of 1.3 GW consisting of operating projects and projects for construction until 2020:

  • 60 MW in France
  • 300 MW in Poland
  • 500 MW in Ukraine


On-shore wind and solar are the most cost competitive power generation sources

  • Global electricity generation is a strong growing market (demand increase of 80%% by 2040)
  • Wind has the highest growth rate of all sources (increase of total installed capacity of almost 500%% by 2040)


Levelized cost of electricity


Business model


Highly profitable on-shore wind and solar parks in France, Poland and Eastern Europe